April 6, 2017

Our New Material


Over the past 18 months we’ve been collaborating with our production teams to create our own new poly-resin composite material to increase strength, reduce colour fading, while at the same time reducing weight.

The best bit is the new material can sit alongside the old material without any difference in appearance, so you can easily mix old and new pots together.

Some of the advantages of our new poly-resin composite are:

  • The pots weigh about a third of traditional GRC.
  • They are stronger and are less likely to chip or crack.
  • They are totally waterproof and require no internal membrane.
  • For most colours, the colour of the pot is actually in the mix, rather than painted.
  • Our new material has no cement in the mix, so you won’t experience those white calcification marks like traditional GRC.

Our new material will replace all GRC products in the Willow & Frankie ranges.  After a long time in production, we’re looking forward to your feedback.


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