December 9, 2019

Interview with photographer and curator of Instagram account @folia_folia

There is something magical, intriguing and tranquil about botanical gardens. Fascinating enough that Marzena Wolowicz the curator of Instagram account @folia_folia dedicates her time on the side to capturing these vibrant and wild lush spaces to share with the rest of the world.

Marzena is a photographer based in Vienna, Austria and has a background in Fine Arts.

“As a photographer I am intrigued by the interplay of plants, their forms and textures, their architectural surroundings and changes in the ambient light.”

Marzena has no formal education in Botany, but her passion for botanical gardens and her eagerness to learn about plants is very apparent when you scroll through her incredible images via her carefully curated Instagram account,  @folia_folia.

Your Instagram account @folia_folia currently has over 87, 000 followers (and counting) and is incredibly inspiring. Why did you create @folia_folia and did you expect it to get this big?
Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to hear that you like it! I started this project about two and a half years ago. I decided to focus on something that you might call ‘’visual botanical experience’’.
I didn’t expect it to become this big, but I like to grow things. (pardon the pun!)

What do you love most about botanical gardens?
I love the atmosphere of botanical gardens. Time seems to pass differently there. I enjoy the tranquillity of the gardens and I try to capture it in my photos. The plants and their multiplicity are fascinating.

What’s your favourite Botanical Garden to explore?
It’s difficult to answer this question. I love visiting and exploring all botanical gardens. Often small botanical gardens are very charming and have an amazing selections of plants. The greenhouse I spend most of my time in is the Palmenhaus in Schönbrunn Garden in Vienna.  This Botanical Garden is quite big and is the closest greenhouse to where I live. I’m so lucky to have this tropical paradise so close to me.

Have plants always played an important role in your life?
Yes, since when I was a child I have always had many plants around me. I now have around 80 plants at home. They help us nurture and heal.

What’s your favourite plant?
Currently, my favourite plant is Sinningia leucotricha; a unique plant with beautiful foliage and flowers. I also like the Hoya genus, especially Hoya obovata and Hoya serpens. I’m a lover of all plants and I couldn’t say I dislike any plant if I’m honest!

Are all the images you use on @folia_folia all yours? If so, you must spend some time exploring! They are truly amazing!
Thank you! Yes, I take the photos. I visit botanical gardens of the cities I travel to and I like to spend my free time surrounded by nature.

What music are you enjoying listening to at the moment?
I often listen to Haruomi Hosono’s album ‘’Watering a flower’’. Also Mort Garson’s ‘’Plantasia’’ is an all-time favourite of mine.


All images remain copyright of @folia_folia
Credit –Marzena Wolowicz

Social – @folia_folia




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