August 17, 2017

Interiors: Making your house a home

Creating the perfect home means many different things, but for most of us, it is creating a sense of comfort, a safe relaxing space where we can truly express ourselves. A home is a place where you live your life and create memories with family and friends.  Below are a few tips to help create a unique space that is a true reflection of you.



The use of soft lighting will help create a warm and inviting space. The use of down lights with dimmers is always effective as you can play around with the amount of light you want. Using light to highlight a feature in a room, for example a down light on an artwork, can create a warm atmosphere and point of difference.


If you’re looking to make a rooms come to life, try an oversized piece of art. Art is personal and can add an element to your home that makes it feel unique. The use of brightly coloured artwork will inject your room with a pop of colour and personalise your space.


Any living space can feel empty without having something on the floor to absorb sound and steps etc.  Bare floor boards and tiles also create a cold uninviting feel in a room when undressed, so rugs and or carpet are a must in any home to create a lived in, cosy space.

Indoor Plants

Decorating a space with greenery or a fresh bunch of flowers is an easy and inexpensive way of instantly lifting the feel in a space. A dash of greenery will also make your environment a lot healthier, as research proves that caring for plants can dramatically improve your overall mood which in turns affects the feel in your home.


Above images courtesy Natasha Levak



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