May 20, 2019

Floral Interiors

Floral Interiors is a family owned business, operating for over 20 years, specialising in the supply of the finest quality artificial flowers, greenery, plants and trees. Their love of all things flowers and plants dates back over 50 years as they began growing flowers, then moved into floristry and eventually evolving into a wholesale artificial flowers business.

While we all like to think we have been blessed with a green thumb, for those who find it a little more challenging to keep their plants alive the current trend of artificial plants is a welcomed relief. Floral Interiors pride themselves on sourcing the best quality products in the industry and we asked them why they think people are starting to choose artificial plants over the real deal. “Most people love the feeling of life that greenery and plants bring to their interiors, but unfortunately with everyone leading such busy lifestyles, people are having less and less time to spend caring for plants. Low maintenance is the key and with the excellent quality of the artificial plants we supply, you really must look closely to see if its real or not, so more and more people are seeing the benefits of “fake over real”

After developing a solid design basis – spent working for 4.5 years running the Domayne Design, Hire and Commercial departments, in mid 2017 the world was giving her a nudge. “There was a change in structure, as my wonderful boss had decided to move on. I felt a nudge to leave and commence a new adventure. My only plan at the time was to give my own brand a try, lucky for me I was busy the moment I left that role. I haven’t looked back since.”

And so, where did the name come from, A Designers Life? “The purpose of the name and even the content on my Instagram account is intended to convey the realities of a day in the life of an interior designer. I’m running a successful business, but I’m also trying to create an understanding of the interior design industry and what it is we do at the same time.”

So, what’s a typical day look like? Ah ok hahaha .. .well.. We are a busy design and decoration firm. This means we are working on at least 15 projects at any given time. A day can consist of last minute phone calls from a residential client asking to meet at 10am to select the bar area island stone because her stone mason wants to cut and install it the next week – and her hubby has not yet made a decision she agrees to. So we change our daily schedule and rush over to our beautiful client’s home. Greeted with a nice extra hot, plus 1 added sugar Mocha, we sit for 2 hours while husband and wife banter over the selection. Once the decision is made, off we go to complete our scheduled tasks for the day until we receive another one of these phone calls, haha. Sometimes we find ourselves in 6 different suburbs and 10 suppliers in one day, starting anywhere from 7am to 8pm in the evening. What makes it worthwhile are the genuine smiles we come across once the client walks into their finished home.”

After a while those long days add up, so Adrianna unwinds by playing soccer, practicing yoga and salsa dancing. “I also meditate daily at the start of each day and on weekend. I like to make a point of staying in contact with nature by being at the beach as much as possible and nature drives up the coast on weekends. By doing this, my creativity remains ignited; I can be the best version of me when I meet with and design for my clients.”

Knowing Adrianna’s work well, I know she deals in both the commercial and retail spaces. But where do her clients come from? “ Most of our work is through word of mouth. I love this as clients then come to you from a position of trusting your work, and your design process. It’s much smoother for every one.” Coming from an art background, Adrianna relishes the commercial projects, as they allow her to push the boundaries in spaces more; quirky ideas and unique materials are more permissible. Commercial work comprises about 30% of her total output.

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