March 17, 2014

Balcony Garden Design Ideas

Just like normal gardens, every balcony garden is different.  Weather you want to create privacy from your neighbours, grow your own vegetables or simply just soften and beautify a space, there is a solution.

Here’s some tips and balcony garden design ideas to help get you on your way:


Generally living in an apartment or unit means lots of neighbours and as much as you might love your neighbours a bit of privacy never hurts.  The most cost effective way to create some privacy on a balcony is to use plants.  We recommend using our light weight GRC planter troughs with a plant that doesn’t get too wide as it grows such as Bamboo Slender Weavers, Rhapis excelsa or full sun areas the good old Leighton Green.

Edible Gardens:

Growing your own herbs and vegetables is one of the best ways to enjoy your garden.  Everything tastes better when you grow it yourself and you also get to enjoy pesticide and chemical free vegetables.  A favourite of ours is to plant a Lime tree or other citrus in one of our Egg Pots and under-plant with a selection of herbs.  If you’re after something a bit more leafy, try mass planting a selection of lettuce, spinach and Asian greens in one of our large light weight GRC troughs.

Soften your balcony:

There’s a common mistake that I see a lot of – people over designing and complicating their balcony garden.  Often all that’s needed to completely transform a balcony garden is a cluster of three different Egg Pots planted with balcony friendly plants such as Yucca elephantipes, Agave or a selection of succulents.  A simple and easy way to soften a long rectangle shaped balcony is to install a row of evenly spaced circular Egg Pots planted with feature trees such as Olives or Magnolia ‘Little Gem’ and under-planted with a cascading plant such as Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’ or Blue Chalk Sticks.

I hope these balcony garden design ideas are helpful.  If you have any questions shoot me an email at info@thebalconygarden.com.au




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