November 6th, 2019

What Are Plantfluencers?

Plantfluencers are Instagrammers who run an account that focus on plants. If you love Instagram, and love plants, there’s a chance you could already be following some!

These accounts can feature plants in a variety of different ways. Some plantfluencer accounts give advice on taking care of plants and sharing tips they have learnt during their own experience. Some focus on the growing process, others on interior decorating with plants, or the display of unique plant collections. Brad Canning runs the Instagram account @leafy.lane, which has over 38,000 followers. The account features an array of indoor greenery, set against a backdrop of sleek whites and browns. Pics of his super-adorable dog Ralphie also pop up from time to time! Brad says he started the account in April 2018. 'I had just bought a new house and I had all these photos I wanted to post somewhere and thought I’d start a new Instagram for them,' he says. 'It was originally going to be general house photos (which I guess it still sort of is), but I featured a couple of cool plants I had and my dog Ralphie, and it blew up straight away.' The account includes aesthetically shot photos of avocado plants in varying stages of growth, an array of unique plants staggering up a wooden staircase (with Ralphie in the foreground!), and photos of gorgeous vines, wrapping across various walls and furniture pieces. 'My favourite part about running a plant account is probably inspiring others,' he says. 'I grew some avocados from seeds and posted tutorials, and I get hundreds and hundreds of DMs showing me their avocados growing at home, and they come from all over the globe. I love to inspire with design and read the comments about people wanting to give it a go in their own home too.' Images via @leafylane Jason Chongue runs two accounts with plant-based themes, @jasonchongue, his personal account, and @theplantsocietyau. 'I started my personal account @jasonchongue in 2012, which focuses on architecture, interiors and plants,' he says. '@theplantsocietyau was created in August 2016 after my personal Instagram attracted the plant community due the types and amount of plants in my home.' @theplantsocietyau has over 57,000 followers, and features photographs of plant curation, shots from pop up events they host across the globe, and of course, loads of pics of plant displays. 'We launched The Plant Society in a response to my yearning to bring a social element back to my work life,' Jason says. 'I wanted to build a community where there were no stupid questions regarding how to keep a plant alive. We wanted to, and still do, engage people to become better gardeners through education and a unique offering.' Images via @jasonchongue Plantfluencers are certainly starting to make waves on the social media scene. The hashtag #plantfluencer has over 2.5 thousand posts, and the hashtag #plants has more than 27.6 million. It’s no surprise that these plantfluencer accounts are doing so well, considering the resurgent popularity of plants amongst young people. A 2017 National Garden Survey conducted in the US found that those aged 18 to 34 accounted for five of the six million people who took up the hobby of gardening in 2016. This popularity extends across the globe. An article titled 'Instead of Houses, Young People Have Houseplants' was also 1ed by The Economist in 2018. This article showed the increase in Google searches of houseplants such as String of Pearls, Devil’s Ivy, and Jade in the years spanning 2010 to 2018. With all this discussion showing the resurging popularity of plants, it’s no wonder plantfluener accounts are taking off. Plantfluencers are filling Insta feeds all across the globe with beautiful photos and tips about plants.  So, if you’re a plant lover who hasn’t hopped on the social media plant bandwagon yet, why not take a look at some of the gorgeous plantfluencer accounts out there, and begin filling your feed with glorious green photos! Images via @theplantsocietyau

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