September 9th, 2019

The Garden of Eden Nursery

The Garden of Eden Nursery is uniquely located in Albert Park, situated along the #96 East Brunswick - St.Kilda Beach light rail route. The combination of meandering pathways and the interesting compositions of plants makes the nursery feel like an inspiring botanical garden and less like a generic plant supermarket.

Garden of Eden Nursery aim to provide inspiration, styling tips and gardening advice to those that visit but enjoy the occasional guests that stroll through the nursery on their lunch break, just to escape the daily office grind. It is their passion for horticulture and design that inspires the selection of many handpicked plants and homewares that are utilized in their landscaping and garden design services. The local community has been a great support over the last 30 years and they like to give back by donating goods and services to local primary schools to assist fund raising and kitchen garden developments. They also regularly host childcare group visits which is always fun as it’s wonderful to meet the next generation of little gardeners. Over the last few years The Garden of Eden Nursery have seen a return in the popularity of indoor plants. The current trend is for larger plants like the Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai), Fruit Salad plant (Monstera deliciosa), Philodendron varieties and the Umbrella tree (Schefflera amate) which provide a lush tropical vibe and help to improve air quality in the home. Hanging plants like the old-fashioned Hoya and the collectible Rhipsalis are also popular for the interior styling of book shelves and fireplace mantels. For those starting off their collection of indoor plants they recommend the classic Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) or Cast iron plant (Aspidistra elatior). You also can’t go past the retro Snake plant (Sansevieria trifasciata) or the Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcus zamiifolia) both seemingly thrive on total neglect. The Garden of Eden Nursery have always had a focus on encouraging sustainable gardening practices. Growing herbs and vegetables or planting a fruit tree are a great way for a newcomer to horticulture to get their hands dirty. Some simple advice would be to feed and mulch the soil. A garden that is healthy will be more resistant to fungal and pest issues and will attract beneficial insects to control the nasty ones. The best organic material you can add to your garden is worm castings. It can be expensive to buy but free to make yourself. An alternative product that we have found effective is called zoo grow - made from manure and bedding materials and composted to make a fantastic soil improver. Next is mulch, mulch, mulch. It doesn’t matter which one just lay it on. Organic mulches assist with water retention and weed suppression while protecting the root zone of your plants. For anyone looking for more advice check out Sustainable Gardening Australia-   All images remain copyright of The Garden of Eden Nursery Web - Social -

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