September 1st, 2021

Indoor Plant Food by The Plant Runner

Dom and Duncan, the team behind The Plant Runner are the ultimate cool kids on the plant care block. Before The Plant Runner came to town, your plant care was something that you'd prefer to keep hidden in the back of the shed. But much like your favourite bottle of Chanel, this is something you'll want to display proudly, most likely next to your thriving plants.

Indoor Plant Food is a special formulations of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (N.P.K), trace elements and seaweed designed by self proclaimed plant nerds, Dom and Duncan. To put it simply, it's the superfood your plants will thank you for.

Simply add 1ml of Plant Food (using the convenient dropper) to a litre of water then water your precious plants as usual. There's a handy measurement on the side of the pipette but don't stress too much if you go slightly over or under the 1ml.

Over Spring and Summer, The Plant Runner recommend fertilising your plants one to two times a month. Over Autumn and Winter, your plants will generally only need to be fertilised once every two months. You can even use it to propagate! Just add one drop every two weeks over Spring and Summer.

The best part? For the month of September, we're offering a complimentary bottle of Indoor Plant Food with all online orders of $500 or more*!

You can read more about Indoor Plant Food here.

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