February 23rd, 2018

B E L L A R A N G E : hanging pots

Indoor greenery is everywhere in interior design at the moment and we know why - an addition of greenery instantly lifts a space making it feel fresh and inviting.  The Balcony Garden have recently added another dimension to your planting possibilities – the new Bella range. So choose your favourite hardy indoor plant, and bring the outdoors in!

Our Bella range is a boutique range consisting of Maggie, Ronald and Michael. Each hanging pot is made from our unique poly-resin and suspended via a stainless steel cable system. The poly resin enables us to make the range with an ultra low weight (under a kilogram per unit), so you can hang them confidently almost anywhere. To keep things as tidy as we can indoors, we have designed the range with no drainage holes, so please keep this is mind when thinking about plant choice. You can plant directly into the hanging pot if it is a species needing intermittent watering, if not, just leave the plant in the nursery pot and take it outside for a good watering whenever it looks thirsty.   The Ronald and Michael are available in our signature colours, Charcoal and Concrete Grey. These colours suit a variety of interior tones, remembering you can always add further interest and colour with the foliage of the plant selected.   Michael (highest) with Ronald in grey (left) and charcoal (right).   As for Maggie, she has a more considerable sized wardrobe. You'll find her in 4 colours - our limited edition pastels pink, blue, green and glossy white. The greater range of colour enables you to get a bit more adventurous. A hanging pot can be that element of the room that you can take a risk with - so be brave!  The soft pastel hues would be a great edition to any space needing a pop of colour without being offensively bright.   Maggie, in white   Shop the range here

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