December 3rd, 2018

The Perfect Pot Cluster

What makes the perfect pot cluster?  What pots go together, what plants suit which pot and what colour palettes compliment one another. Paul Takchi from Exotic Nurseries, sees a lot of plant and pot combinations. We Ask Paul to share some advice.

[caption id='attachment_19756' align='alignnone' width='824'] Example of using the hero plant (podocarpus totara cloud tree) in your largest pot[/caption]

What are some rules when planting up a cluster? (do you stagger heights etc?) There are no rules. If you like it, do it. That’s what’s good about pot plants. There are so many different combinations it’s easy to be creative and unique. Personally, I’m a fan of tiered pot placement which gives the cluster character. When going for the staggered look, I’d suggest planting the hero in the largest/tallest pot. If you’re trying to keep it simple, use either the same plant in different sizes or keep to the same colour palette, try not to vary everything. Keep some rhythm.

[caption id='attachment_19754' align='alignnone' width='826'] Style and foliage variation, but keeping the vessel colour consistent.[/caption]

What are some good plants to use – inside? – There’s many to choose from. Everyone wants to bring green life inside - not everyone has a green thumb & most are time poor. If this is the case, select plants that require little to no attention. If you’re short on time & have a bad record with plant care, Sanseveria stuckyii is the plant for you – it is attractive, unique & requires little attention. Large leafed foliage always works well to lush up your indoor space - my go to plants would be Monstera deliciosa or Strelitzia Nicolai. Palms are always great to bring in those tropical vibes, especially for large open spaces or high ceilings, I’d recommend Rhapis excelsor or Dypsis lutescens. If you want to add some colour, you can’t go wrong with a Ficus elastica ‘Burgundy’!

What are some good plants to use – outside? – Agave Blue Glow. There’s nothing not to love about this attractive succulent. Good form, low maintenance & is a slow grower making meaning you won’t have to have to re-pot anytime soon. Many of the Crassulas, Senecios make beautiful pot clusters, paired with some cactus, you have yourself a winning combo. If cactus & succulents aren’t your thing, go for a more formal plant palette of topiary Buxus & cloud pruned conifers or Podocarpus.

[caption id='attachment_19753' align='alignnone' width='833'] Large, medium and fine textured plants in a perfect hierarchy.[/caption]

What are the best go to plant/pot combos? In reality, most people (especially our clients) are not going to give plants in pots the attention they deserve. So, I’d answer that by saying those which require little attention. The key is to know what care your plants need to ensure they look good all year round. Go for a plant selection that suits your décor & colour scheme. Cascading plants like Dichondra Silver Falls, Casuarina cousin it & Rhipsalis are a great way to finish off your cluster as they spill over the rim of the pot.

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