August 16th, 2017

The Balcony Garden hosts the LNA

The Balcony Garden was recently lucky enough to host the July General meeting of the LNA - the master landscapers association of NSW.

The LNA is the premiere industry body for landscape professionals in NSW. It was great to meet and to entertain members and show off some of our new arrivals, including 830mm JITTs and 900 Straight Ups. The pots were resplendent with beautiful plants supplied by Exotic Nurseries.   In addition to the presentation from The Balcony Garden, the members were treated to a talk by chief brewer of a TBG neighbour, 4 Pines Brewing. Chris Willcock impressed members with a history of the very successful local start up and furthered our knowledge of craft beers. After all the talking was done it was great to sample kolchs, pale ales and stouts and catch up with old friends and new.   [embed][/embed]   If you are looking for a landscape professional, the LNA is the place to find a qualified, licenced craftsman that adheres to the association's code of ethics.   LNA Master Landscapers 4 Pines Brewing Company Exotic Nurseries

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