September 6th, 2019

Plant Profile - Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise)

If you love large, lush tropical green foliage, then the Bird of Paradise is for you! This gorgeous plant certainly knows how to make a statement. Their flowers are also a beautiful feature, long lasting and vibrant.

There are five main species and varieties, although only Strelitzia Reginae and Strelitzia Nicolai are treated as houseplants. This plant is very hardy and is an ideal to use in dry conditions. Besides their use in pots, they also work well in massed plantings outside. Strelitzia reginae is the most popular of the species as its size is very suitable for modern and traditional gardens. It can attain heights of 1.5m, with flowers that are primarily orange with an accent of purple. Good things take time though, so expect 3-5 years before they flower. Images via Harrison's Landscaping Position: Bright position inside. Sunny, part shade position outside, away from windy areas (you don’t want to damage those big beautiful leaves!) Water: Moderate. The amount of water needed will depend on the location of the plant. If planted in bright, warmer positions you’re going to need considerably more water. Soil & Care: Well drained, good quality potting mix or soil. When soil is completely dry, water enough to saturate the soil then not again until completely dried out. This bird does not like swimming! Feed with compost early in Spring and then fertilize every week or so during the growing season. Habit: Large growing plant to 10m (in ground). Crown of plant consists of large, fanned leaves that look similar to a banana leaf. Flowers are very bright and colourful. Will grow in a large pot happily for many years and does not mind being pot bound. Image via Fig Landscapes

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