February 16th, 2021

Plant Profile: Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)

There are few 'It' plants that have stood the test of time like the ever-popular Fiddle Leaf Fig. Just look at her here in all her glory. Lush, exotic, luxurious… and a real pain to keep alive! But even with all her needs, people still can’t get enough!

So with that, here’s what you need to know about this gorgeous but temperamental beauty. Preferred living situation: The Fiddle Leaf Fig likes warm and humid environments with plenty of sunlight and regular water. Your Fiddle Leaf should be placed in a nice bright position indoors, but avoid direct sunlight which may burn the leaves. Fiddle Leaf’s prefer to be removed from their nursery tub and replanted into a pot with plenty of soil mass and drainage. Moving address: You may notice that your Fiddle Leaf looks a little sad after bringing her home from the nursery. Don’t worry! This is normal. They are quite sensitive to environmental changes and need a little time to adjust to new conditions. Keeping up appearances: This is where you need to pay particular attention to your Fiddle Leaf. Over-water and the leaves will fall off. Under-water and the leaves will fall off. So really, you don’t want to mess this up! When you first bring your Fiddle Leaf home, check the moisture level of the soil. You only need to water when the top 5cm of soil has dried. We also suggest using a slow-release fertiliser in Spring to help with growth. Top Tip! Use a damp cloth with luke-warm water to clean the leaves every few weeks. Not only will this make your leaves super shiny, but it will also help with photosynthesizing by allowing it to breathe and absorb as much light as possible. All images remain copyright to The Balcony Garden

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