March 11th, 2021

Our Exclusive Partnership with Laboratorio San Rocco

At The Balcony Garden™, we’re incredibly lucky to be an exclusive stockist of our Tommaso Range®; Italian Terracotta pots from Tuscany. Each stunning piece from this range is crafted by hand, using Galestro Colorobbia®, a Tuscan raw material of high organic quality and a guarantee of excellence.

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Monica from Laboratoria San Rocco to find out what life is like in Tuscany and the love that goes into making each and every pot. When we think of Italy, the first thing we think is Love. Love of people, love of food, love of design, and love of life! What do you love most about the Italian lifestyle? Our company is based in Torrita di Siena, a small town in the province of Siena, Tuscany. Although we love to travel, discover new cultures, open ourselves to new worlds and ideas, we are deeply attached to our origins and our territory. Tuscany is a special region where art, history, culture, breath-taking landscapes lie, but we also have excellent food and wines. The landscape of our area is made up of gentle hills that change appearance with each season, and beautiful vineyards and olive groves that line the horizon. Scattered throughout the landscape, ancient medieval villages are set which contain artistic and historical treasures. It is perhaps from our history and our territory (rich in exceptional raw materials) that our work is born. The working of terracotta has been present in our territory for well over two millennia, thanks to the Etruscan people and, since that moment, it has never been abandoned. With the passage of time it has undergone variations but without ever losing sight of aesthetics, functionality and constant research. Tuscany… easy to arrive, difficult to leave. How long have you been working at Laboratorio San Rocco? I arrived at San Rocco more than 10 years ago. Despite being from the area, I couldn't even imagine the great craftsmanship behind a terracotta vase. It was an incredible discovery and, to date, I learn new things every day. I feel great satisfaction when customers come to visit our laboratory and have the opportunity to understand and appreciate the work and passion behind each single product. Being able to transmit love to others in what we do is undoubtedly the greatest reward. Besides creating beautiful pots, what are you passionate about? Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work! In addition to work, we lead a simple life made up of small but big things. Family, friends, travelling, museums, theatre (when possible again), long walks in the countryside. In terms of design, where does Laboratorio San Rocco draw inspiration from? Marcello Goracci, the owner of S. Rocco, is a man who loves challenges. The business began in 1959, thanks to his father. In the beginning, the production was inspired by traditional Tuscan terracotta pots. With the evolution of tastes and the market, we went in search of new shapes, colours and finishes. In addition to our ideas, we have important collaborations with architects and designers who implement our collections with new shapes and finishes, trying to meet the changing times and the evolution of tastes. However, we do not abandon our origins and the totally natural raw material of our territory. Discover the many styles and beauty of the Tommaso Range here All images remain copyright to Laboratorio San Rocco and The Balcony Garden

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