March 1st, 2021

Official Stockist: Urban Plant Boutique

At Urban Plant Boutique, we source quality plants & designer pots to help people create lush urban spaces. Our focus is on interior and patio spaces and finding the right plant for the right space and we offer onsite interior plantscape design consultations to help people create their very own lush urban space. We also support local designers and stock a range of botanical greeting cards and notebooks by local artists

Jasmine is our boutique founder and resident Horticulturalist who holds a Diploma of Garden Design. She's passionate about indoor plants and the benefits they bring to our health and happiness. She's grown and cultivated hundreds of houseplants and absolutely loves making spaces look fabulous through the use of plants. Ever since she can remember, she's enjoyed being surrounded by plants and the outdoors so when she decided to switch careers from Corporate Training it felt like the right fit to open up a plant shop. Jasmine has experience working in production nurseries and retail but still enjoys training, so she plans to offer plant care workshops from the boutique in the future. Since education and finding the right plants is such an important aspect of Urban Plant Boutique, Jasmine has a few tips for low maintenance plants that are great for the beginner houseplant enthusiast or just for people who want greenery without a huge commitment to care. Jasmine's Top Three Low Maintenance Houseplants 1. Zanzibar One of the easiest plants on the market, with lush green foliage, low water requirements and they thrive on neglect! These beauties also tolerate low light conditions making this a great plant for that hard to fill dark corner. Water only when the potting mix is completely dry, usually about every 3 weeks. 2. Pothos If you like the climbing or trailing look, Pothos are the best low maintenance option and there's several varieties to choose from such as Golden, Satin, Marble, and Jade. Pothos require once a week watering in summer and less in winter. Allow the top 2cm to dry out between watering or use a moisture meter and water once when the display shows the soil is on the dry side. Just keep these beauties out of reach of your furry friends as they are toxic to pets. 3. Gasteria Gasteria varieties make great indoor succulents as they don't require direct sunlight like a lot of other succulents do. They like bright but indirect light and prefer to dry out completely between watering. They're also pet friendly. Gasteria make great tabletop additions inside or on a covered patio and look stunning when potted up in The Balcony Garden Good Size planter pots. Instagram:  @urbanplantboutique Website: Address: Shop 2, 102 Kedron Brook Rd, Wilston QLD 4051 Trading hours: Wed 9am-4pm Thu & Fri 9am-4pm Sat & Sun 9am-1pm All images remain copyright to Urban Plant Boutique. Words written by Jasmine.

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