July 16th, 2018

Monstera deliciosa

Oh how what's hip and cool goes full circle! Until recently the Monstera deliciosa was yesterday's hero; but not anymore!!

Monstera make fantastic indoor plants as they require very little sun.  In fact too much direct sunlight and those beautiful iconic split leaves will begin to burn.  Monstera are capable of growing into huge plants in their natural environment, but will stay stunted in size kept in pots.       Monstera deliciosa are also incredibly hardy, in fact I'd be impressed if you could actually kill one.  To ensure a healthy thriving Monstera, all you need to do is keep it away from harsh direct sunlight, lightly water once a week, and ever so often given the leaves a mist.  They are naturally a climber so they look really cool trained around a large hardwood stake or trellis. Need help planting up your new Monstera?  Head to our Advice Page for our handy how-to guide.

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