April 9th, 2019

Plant Profile: Mistletoe Cactus (Rhipsalis baccifera)

Have you started to run out of floor space and are now looking at vertical options? Get your plants up off the floor and on the wall! Not only do trailing plants soften a space, they add colour and movement and can turn a somewhat boring space into something vibrant and amazing!

[caption id='attachment_25875' align='alignnone' width='522'] Rhipsalis with fruit.[/caption] When you hear cactus you think of dry, arid plains and strong hot sun. Rhipsalis baccifera is actually a native to rain forests - and because of this,  the Mistletoe Cactus doesn't mind a bit of water and also a fair bit of shade. It's definitely worth getting right as it is always the subject of admiration in any room. Position: When grown indoors, care must be given with placement. Keep away from windows that receive midday or afternoon sun. Filtered light is best. Watering: Rhipsalis needs regular watering. Water frequently in spring and summer, but reduce water in winter/cooler months. Care: They enjoy humidity and so benefit from a regular spraying. Habit: Trailing/Cascading. Looks great spilling over from the top of a pot, from a high shelf or down the side of a shady balcony or atrium. They can also be easily cultivated from cuttings so are a great plant to share with friends. Simply take a cutting, allow to dry out for a couple of days, then insert into new soil, and give an initial deep watering. Water again once the top layer of soil has dried out.  If you are really keen, you can apply a root hormone before planting the cutting to speed the process up. Happy propagating!   For more info head to our Advice Page.

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