July 4th, 2019

Kira and Kira

Kira & Kira is a stunning retail space located on the Gold Coast. Business owners and husband and wife duo Grason and Simone Kira, are dedicated to this space and also to the design and development of furniture and interior objects. They have a design studio where all of their furniture is designed and made south of Miami, in Burleigh Heads.

Their beautifully designed modern furniture is inspired by a minimalist aesthetic. Each piece is of the highest quality as they strongly believe in the principle of ‘buy once, buy well’ and it will last a lifetime. In their retail space you’ll find a selection of pots from The Balcony Garden, among other homewares and art sourced from talented local and national Australian designers. One thing that sticks out is their ability to create stunning and functional spaces in their showroom to inspire those who walk through the doors. Lucky for us, we can discover all of their design collections on their Instagram page here. We had a quick catch up with the Kira and Kira team to see if they could share some of their styling and decorating tips to help pull together the ultimate space like a pro.

Do you recommend starting with a key furniture or artwork piece and designing your space around that?

Yes for sure… start with your key furniture pieces such as sofa or dining table and select your smaller furniture, accessories and soft furnishings around that. Your design aesthetic appears to be clean lines, modern and minimalist design. What other important elements do you recommend adding to the mix to create a warm and homely space? First and foremost, ADD GREENERY! Greenery helps make a house feel like a home… it’s also super important to consider texture… such as a beautiful rug not only provides comfort and warmth underfoot, but also anchors an open space. We also find repeating a few textures; colours or forms can help tie together a space.

We love that Kira and Kira stock The Balcony Garden pots and planters. What’s your favourite pot to style with?

We really love the ‘JItt’ Pots, not only for its cheeky name (junk in the trunk) but also its feminine tapered shape, making it a timeless selection for any home. How important is the shape, colour and style of a planter to help bring a space together? The key is to select a pot that frames and anchors the chosen greenery the best… depending if you’re working with tall narrow plants, or short and full foliage, will depend on which shape/style will work best!

Any tips on styling with pots and plants?

Consider using low shrubs or cascading foliage to hide soil when potting your plants... It’s a great way to bring that ‘landscaping’ touch to your home.

What’s your favourite indoor plant to style with?

We love ‘Rubber’ plants as their robust nature allows them to thrive well in most spaces inside the home… They are easy to care for, have lovely glossy leaves and work well in both light and dark spaces!

Lastly, we see you’re working on a very exciting project. Are you able to give us a quick rundown?

We’re so excited to share our Kira & Kira designed house renovation will be appearing on ‘Ready Set Reno’ for 9 Life airing early 2020… think Palm Springs, Mid-Century Modern but Kira & Kira style. You can follow the visual journey at @thekirahouse!   Kira & Kira Web -    Kira and Kira Social - Instagram

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