November 10th, 2017

Grand Sized : Beautiful new pots in Tree Sized Proportions

Here is a quick rundown on the larger sizes we have recently introduced to The Balcony Garden range. These pots can take tree species, allowing you to make a grand statement anywhere you have the space.

Straight Up, 500, 600 & 900.

Straight Up, 900mm diameter, 900mm high, Approximate volume : 520L The largest pot in our range by volume (for the moment). It will take all sorts of large species and if watered and fertilised regularly, will keep a tree species happy and contained for many years. A huge, amazing pot.

Junk in the Trunk (JITT), 830mm diameter, 890mm high, Approximate volume : 360L Short for ‘Junk in the Trunk’ this pots got attitude. Flared at the base and tapering towards the top its distinctive shape makes it a real eye catcher. Use as a single standalone in a large format size or grouped as a three. The 830mm diameter size stands 890mm tall.  

JITT 830, 500, 650 and 380mm.

Tub, 900mm diameter, 750mm high Approximate volume: 400L Our most classic design, this egg-shaped pot has a beautiful shape that is excentuated by the 900mm diameter. Perfect for a classic tree variety, undeplanted with a cascading groundcover species.

900mm diameter Tub, with 400mm Straight up and 180mm Slim Pickins.

Choob, 700mm diameter, 675mm high, Approximate volume: 240L Simple but effective, a classic straight cylinder. The 700mm size stands 675mm tall, and due to the simplicity of the design and manufacture process, is a very cost effective way to include a large pot in your projects.

Classic Choob Style, 250mm, 480mm and 580mm diameters.

Please give us a call on 02 9975 3800 or an email at for any details on these big, beautiful new arrivals.

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