March 7th, 2019

Floral Interiors

Floral Interiors is a family owned business, operating for over 20 years, specialising in the supply of the finest quality artificial flowers, greenery, plants and trees. Their love of all things flowers and plants dates back over 50 years as they began growing flowers, then moved into floristry and eventually evolving into a wholesale artificial flowers business.

      While we all like to think we have been blessed with a green thumb, for those who find it a little more challenging to keep their plants alive the current trend of artificial plants is a welcomed relief. Floral Interiors pride themselves on sourcing the best quality products in the industry and we asked them why they think people are starting to choose artificial plants over the real deal. _'_Most people love the feeling of life that greenery and plants bring to their interiors, but unfortunately with everyone leading such busy lifestyles, people are having less and less time to spend caring for plants. Low maintenance is the key and with the excellent quality of the artificial plants we supply, you really must look closely to see if its real or not, so more and more people are seeing the benefits of 'fake over real'.' You only need to log on to Instagram to see that native flowers and foliage are a massive trend for floral arrangements at present. It is an ever-expanding range for Floral Interiors as they constantly develop with customer demands and interior trends. Which leads us to another benefit of artificial flowers; cost 'not everyone can afford the huge expense of updating their fresh flower arrangements weekly…and a beautiful floral arrangement can become a focal point of any room.' While native flowers have only recently experienced a resurgence of popularity we asked what they believed is the most popular item they sell, and their response was not very surprising. _'__Fiddle Leaf Trees have long been the 'go to' indoor plant. They are great for adding a sculptural element and a wow factor to a room, but our customers are now looking for variety of plants in sizes, textures and shapes like our Rubber trees, Traveller, Rhapis and Areca Palms and Monsteras.' _ Finally, considering the large range of artificial plants available we could not resist asking what they believe are the 3 keys to success in choosing the right plant for your home:

  1. Size does matter. _'_Make sure you have the space in mind so that you can choose a size that will really look well in your room, too small and it will appear insignificant, too large and it can overwhelm the area. Proportion is the key!'

  2. Placement is key. _'_Choose key pieces that will accentuate other items in the room, such as a tall plant beside a sofa, a small potted plant on your desk, a hanging plant on your bookshelves or a floral plant on a hallway table.'

  3. Attention to detail. 'Artificial plants should have variations in colour and texture just like a real plant. You should not be able to immediately spot that they aren’t real.'

It is certainly hard to spot that Floral Interiors artificial plants are not the real deal and if you do not believe us come visit our Sydney or Melbourne showroom where we have a number of their plants on display with our range of pots. @floral.interiors MELBOURNE | Head Office / Showroom Unit 3/23A Cook Road Mitcham VIC 3132 T | +61 3 9872 3400 or 1300 356 725 SYDNEY | Showroom Level 4, Suite 46 61 Marlborough Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 T | +61 3 9872 3400 or 1300 356 725   Please note Floral Interiors are a wholesale business only.

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