August 24th, 2021

Father's Day Gift Guide

Don't let the lockdown stop you from spoiling dad this year! Shop from our Father's Day Gift Guide and have it delivered straight to Dad's front door! You'll be sure to earn the favourite child title for this one.

Dad's are hard to buy for but with more and more time spent at home, something for the garden is the perfect gift this year! We've curated a selection of our best selling pots to make things easy!

1.       The Chop

The Chop is the shorter fatter cousin of the Straight Up Pot. Featuring a wide rim and low profile, it's a great choice for feature tress and mass-planting.

2.       Ribbed Loob

He's the naughty cousin of everyone's favourite golden child, the LOOB. Available in three heights, the Ribbed LOOB is the perfect option for creating a three pot cluster.

3.       Chad

Chad rides a miniature dirt bike, loiters outside your favourite small town shopping centre, and looks unashamedly like the offspring of Kid Rock. Being the largest pot in our Bad Names range, Chad really knows how to make a statement, he will no doubt be the first of his friends to get a tattoo.

4.      Boom

This unique handmade terracotta planter is available in two sizes. Its striking looks make it a great pairing with other Tommaso planters or simply paired together using the two sizes.

Exclusive to The Balcony Garden in collaboration with Laboratorio S.Rocco, each piece from the Tommaso range is handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy using the highest quality clay from Galestro Colorobbia.

5.       Muffin Top

Everyone’s fear…the Muffin Top! Rest assured this is not your standard bulge above the jeans. Wide and round like a sphere but with the top cut off this pot needs space. Great as a cluster or as a standalone statement piece.

6.       Choob

The Choob is the ultimate in contemporary design. With its uber sleek finish, they work best grouped as a set of three planted with stylish and textural plants like succulents and jade.

Still not sure you've found the perfect gift for dad? Browse all our pots here!

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