February 21st, 2019

Como by Design

Como by Design was a 3-day event that saw Como House reimagined by 26 renowned Melbourne Interior Designers. The event was the brainchild of Tigger Hall Designs with the intention of creating an event that showcased some of Melbourne best Interior Designers talents while bringing the community together.

The event saw each room transformed by the designer’s distinctive style through custom furniture, wallpapers, lighting, decorative pieces and spring blooms and greenery galore. It was an incredibly rich environment that created excitement and inspiration for all of those had the pleasure to witness the Iconic buildings transformation.

The Balcony Garden was lucky enough to be apart of the event thanks to Milly Bray from Milly + Co who redesigned the rear veranda. Her vision was to create a rustic, outdoor area where you would be surrounded by vast fabric flowers created by Milly + Co. The space included our Bad Name pots, Anfernee and Bacardi, as well as array of native flowers, magnolias, greenery and custom-made outdoor furniture. A truly beautiful and inviting space that you just wanted to sit in and take in the view.

Design by Milly + Co milly@milly-co.com.au instagram

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