November 14th, 2021

What The Balcony Garden Team have on their Christmas Wish List!

Can you believe Christmas is nearly upon us? This year seems to have flown by and our loungewear has never been more on point!

You’ve probably invested some time in your gardens or getting your balcony and entertaining areas looking schmick for the warmer days ahead where you can sit outside and enjoy this space with family and friends.

With Christmas approaching though, now is the time to give those ‘subtle hints’ to your loved ones as to what you might like put under the Christmas tree! And we can’t think of anything better than some pots from The Balcony Garden!

We asked the team what pots were on their Christmas wish list. Discover their curated list below or check out our Christmas Gift Guide for more ideas.

Order by Sunday, December 5th to guarantee delivery before Christmas!

Jacqui, Sydney Showroom Manager

As a new home buyer and a newlywed, my budget is a little tight this year.

HOWEVER.....that doesn't stop me from wanting to start a collection of the indoor Humphrey Range of pots. And at the top of my list..(drum roll please🥁) is the Slim Pickins 250mm dia in white. This gem paired with a spotted Angel Wing Begonia plant would be perfect for my guest bathroom!

As our house grows with plants, so too will The Balcony Garden pots. Hoping to work our way to the pièce de résistance; the Waddle 700mm dia for our front entry! Now that would be pretty amazing to see this under the Christmas tree.

Kristy, National Sales Manager

I recently moved into an apartment that has a courtyard that is a completely blank canvas. I am hoping to add some beautiful clusters to bring some vibrance and greenery to the space.

I love mixing and matching the ranges and can't decide between several different combos. My two current favourites combos are mixing the Loob 800 mm H, Straight Up 600 mm dia and The Chop 530 mm dia or the two tallest Loob pots with a JITT 380 mm dia. There are too many pots to choose from!

Belle, Marketing Manager

This time last year I moved into a property with a backyard and am loving the additional space. I can’t do much with the yard as we are renting so I’m looking at adding pots and plants to make it our own.

I’m obsessed with The Chop (mainly because its name was inspired by my Aussie Bulldog called Chop hehe), but I honestly just love the shape and low profile and can’t wait to get my hands on one. I think The Chop and a Prickly Pear is a great combo. It’s going to look awesome and I think I'll make a few of my friends jealous!

Emily, Melbourne Showroom Manager

I. love. our. pots! Everyone at The Balcony Garden can attest to how many pots I already have, but I always seem to want just one more (read 10 more!). The Loob 800mm high in Concrete Grey is on my wish list this year (who am I kidding, I want the full set!).

I have a small courtyard that is narrow and not really usable just off the sitting room. Rather than a water feature, the Loob pots will make a much more interesting aspect to look out onto. Plus any excuse to add more plants to my ever-growing green family is a bonus.

Bridget, Marketing Assistant

I've recently moved into a new rental property with a small backyard/garden and a decent sized balcony. I become quite attached to my plants (they're like my babies) so rather than planting too much in the garden, I'll be adding more pots and plants to my collection so I can take them with me when I move again! The landlords get enough without taking my plants too! ;)

At the top of my wish list is an Oblong pot for my balcony. It's great for creating a screen with tall plants to stop my neighbours from seeing in! And I think I'm going to add another Tah Pot to my cluster in the backyard. I have chosen to use Charcoal pots as I love how the green contrast against charcoal!

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